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Travel In Canada and Beyond


Canada has no shortage of travel spots within its borders. Like the United States, the country is very diverse in terms of local attractions to visit, particularly anything involving the outdoors. Craggy mountain buffs, vast forests, prairies, and large cities are just some of the features of what Canada has to offer to the curious traveler. You can also travel in the country via recreational vehicle if you intend to do a visitation for the long term.
This article is mainly focused on the highlights of the Canadian travel industry and how its services overall will benefit your travel experience in-country and abroad. There will be several items covered in this article designed to help you make choices that will best help you to enjoy your stay in Canada; in particular travel agencies, recreational vehicles (purchasing or renting(, and sites to visit (including trailer parks and campsites).
Here are several items that will assist in preparation for your next adventure; read on!


Since money is a requirement, there are coupons offered by travel agencies within Canada that will assist you in cutting your expenses and ensure that you get the best experience during your stay in-country. Recreational vehicles are not always necessary but are good options if you have enough funds to cover for the RVs themselves and gas for the duration of your trip. As a precaution, you should probably get your national currency exchanged for Canadian dollars since it is the only note that will be accepted throughout the country. If you happen to be a native of Canada and are looking to make trips out of the country, there are travel agencies that offer plenty of deals if you’re looking for discounts on your next trip.


Canada has a large abundance of travel agencies that specialize in travel assistance within the country. Below are just some of the companies that are listed as well as the scope of the services they provide to give you a better idea of what you’re looking for:

  • Canada One Travel: a leading travel agency that is well-known for supporting its customers and providing superior service on a consistent basis. Founded in 1984, their offices are split between Vancouver, Carman, Winnpeg and Steinbach and is currently headquartered in the Manitoba province.
  • The Great Canadian Travel Group Inc.: Another travel agency that specializes in river cruises across different destinations around the world; including Alaska, Iceland, Central America,
  • Europe, and Canada itself. For Canada in particular, the amount of visitation choices branch out from escorted tours and rail trips to independent tours where you’re essentially doing “your own thing”. The latter can be custom-designed to your own personal specifications in order to give you the best travel experience possible. And best of all, you get to see the polar bears!
  • Marlin Travel: Owner of the company motto “Beyond destinations”, Marlin Travel is a full-service travel agency that is well known in offering discounts on cruises and group offering exclusives and savings on visitation of different countries around the world.
  • Canada Express Travel Agency: Another company that is respected, Canada Express serves as one of the premier travel agencies of the country. It is headquartered in the Danforth part of Canada. The company markets itself as a consolidator of some of the world’s major airlines, including Turkish Airlines, WestJet, Air Canada and Qatar Airways, giving quality service in a consistent manner.
  • Gala Travels: Boasting a reputation of more than three decades and centrally located in Ontario, Gala Travels is a travel agency that is focused exclusively on providing discounts for the tourist that’s on a money crunch and looking to get the most value out of their dream trip. Like Expedia and Orbitz, Gala Travels’ website lists different flights that can be tailored to you and serves as a consolidator in a similar fashion to Canada Express.
  • Fox World Travel: If you’re planning a visit north of Canada, this is your go-to travel agency. The natural orientation of the land in the frontier makes it an attraction worthy to see because of the richness it possesses.
  • Fresh Tracks Canada: A travel agency that features customized plans that can be tailored to the amount of money you have on hand. From the Canadian Rockies to Newfoundland, Fresh Tracks is a worthy option that is heavily focused on local outdoor trips. They’re not cheap, but they provide a worthwhile experience.


Camping in Canada is a fairly popular pastime with the amount of trailer parks and campsites available across the country. Since recreational vehicles are heavily discussed in this section, below is a sampling of some the RV travel agencies that service visitors to Canada who are looking to take guided tours or drive on their own in a cross-country trek. If you are intent on adventuring in the outdoors for the long term, then the RV is a great option for driving to the different trailer parks and campsites throughout the nation.

  • CanaDream: A travel agency that offers assistance to customers looking to rent or purchase recreational vehicles to serve as their personal home. On average the company hosts 20,000 guests on average, providing a fleet of RVs that is able to service its customers’ needs and follows business standards that makes it a competitor amongst its peers.
  • Cruise Canada: A travel agency that offers deals to the curious traveler as to whether they want to rent or purchase recreational vehicles for personal use. It is cheaper than CanaDream since the latter is more focused on making vacations in Canada dream trips.


Since the natural landscape are popular tourist attractions, many travel agencies market them to customers interested in sightseeing. In addition, some of them give offers for RV parking and camping. The trailer parks and campsites are split between ten provinces in Canada:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan

All of the mentioned areas are excellent choices for those intent on going on guided tours or making their “own adventure”. They all have grounds that are suitable for use of recreational vehicles, and provide more than a thousand locations for the curious explorer across the ten provinces. Since the wilderness is part of the Canadian countryside, local travel agencies can help plan your schedule so that your trips give you more than your money’s worth.


In summary, depending on if you intend to travel in or outside of Canada, the travel agencies listed in the beginning along with other tips will help you decide on what you want to do. Each of them all provide offers in some shape or form beneficial to you and other travelers. Along the vast amount of travel options available, whether they be trailer parks and campsites to exotic locales around the world, the sky’s the limit. If you wish to know more information about a specific travel agency, please contact us.